How do I get coins without investing?


How do I get coins without investing?

You certainly won't get coins without using them.

or is it?

We tried it.

So far we have been able to generate real Bitcoins and transfer them to the wallet. If you spend a lot of time sitting at your computer, you can use this as an alternative way to create. An amount of 0.00001 BTC can be transferred to a wallet. Unfortunately, not all providers are willing to transfer the farmed coins to a wallet. Therein lies the catch. Many providers want a significantly higher yield. But that also means that you are bound to a much higher hash calculation and have to upgrade with appropriate hardware or add mining farms. It's a good way to start mining Bitcoin without any additional costs. Download the necessary software here and get started right away. You don't have to have much knowledge. Create an account beforehand to transfer the mined Bitcoins to your wallet. Click here >>>

The easiest way to mine is Staking. Here you can invest your acquired coins. We have found that you are always tied to an exchange plattform. API = Proportional distribution in % in 24 hours or per year. It always depends on the provider. Unfortunately, the coins then have to be transferred. Here you should keep an eye on the costs FEE = transfer fee. If this is too high, it is not worth transferring if the API does not provide it. Use the link and start buying your first coins and then investing/staking them. Every day you will then receive a proportional distribution of the coins you have invested.

You can also receive benefits in the form of coins or discounts through referral. As soon as you have received the first coins you have to document it. Because your winnings have to be taxed. But only if you claim your winnings within a certain period of time. You can use the CoinGekko platform here.

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